Our 500 horsepower TT-660 pump package offers up to 720 GPM normal pumping volumes. This is one of our best selling pumps for HDD applications, because it offers high volumes at relatively low pressures. It can produce pressures required to run a mud motor and the volume to clean the hole, while running the largest of hole openers. It features a smaller footprint and lighter weight than competing models, making it completely legal load size and weight in most instances. The standard TT-660 skidded package weighs in at a mere 26,000 lbs. Available as a bare pump, with chain box, or a complete skidded package. Available in either Cummins or Caterpillar power configurations. (pictured is Cummins powered)

TT-660 Triplex Pump

Designed For Demanding Pumping Applications

6" Stroke

Up to 720 GPM Continuous Duty Rated

Up to 880 GPM Max Pumping Volume

NOTE: Flow rates depend upon installed piston and liner size. Stock units include 5.5" unless otherwise specified.

Recommended Uses:

Pressure Testing

Chemical Water Injection

All Drilling Applications

Industrial Applications

Well Servicing

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